LEGO Poroholma

This huge 40 000 brick LEGO MOC model represents the main area of Poroholma recreational and camping site located in Rauma, Finland. The size of the complete build is about 3 x 2 meters.

LEGO Poroholma was designed and built in many different sessions over a period of more than a year. The net design and building hours are counted in hundreds. The first stage was the competition of Augustin Paviljonki.

The ships (in restaurant use during summers) Marita and Kathrina and the warm yellow coloured Blomqvistin taverna were built by Matti while the rest of the area was made by Juho.

The area is on display at Augustin paviljonki (the tan coloured building) in Poroholma, Rauma, Finland.

LEGO Poroholma LEGO Poroholma LEGO_Poroholma3

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