Augustin paviljonki

This is the most complex design I’ve made so far. It’s a built-to-order creation of an old wooden villa named Augustin paviljonki in Poroholma, Rauma, Finland.

The model is built on four 32×32 baseplates. The villa building is standing on top of  a raising terrain profile. In total the model has well over 5000 bricks. There are small fictional caves in the terrain profile just for fun extra details. The building however is built as realistic as possible.

Bricks: about 5400
Size: 51 x 51 cm
on display at Poroholma, Rauma, Finland
Design and building: about 120h
Designer: Juho

More pics:

Augustin paviljonki LEGO Augustin paviljonki LEGO under construction Augustin paviljonki LEGO cyclop Augustin paviljonki LEGO treasure Augustin paviljonki LEGO detail Augustin paviljonki LEGO detailaugustin-paviljonki-moc-~5600-bricks_18426456644_o InstagramCapture_b43aee9e-7326-4dd6-8741-6c8e2cb7565b rakenteilla_emmett