LEGO Parthenon


The need to store my LEGO Minifigures somewhere gave me the idea to made a storage box in the form of Parthenon, the temple dedicated to ancient Greek goddess Pallas Athene on Acropolis in Greece. Instead of the present day ruins, I made the model in all it’s former glory.

Due to the easy form of the model I got building help from my nephew’s and their parents =) I have placed the completed model among souvenir mini-statues I’ve bought from Greece, so the setting is quite appropriate.

Bricks: ~ 2600
Size: 52 x 25,5 cm
creator’s collection
Designer: Juho

More pics:

parthenon_patsaat parthenon_patsaat2 AdobePhotoshopExpress_518536ed4a5648fa9fcd489239d63653 parthenon1 parthenon2 parthenon3